Behold the Root

Behold the root of the crisis: it is important to understand not What will happen to the ruble, but… Who will happen to be with it. It is not unsafe to always be withdrawing, depositing and converting money. The guessing and uncertainty gripping the financial markets, its ups and downs, leave people facing sudden bankruptcy. Devaluation has been launched and only those who make this ruble work in pragmatic ways will survive.

Fashion clothes quality for middle-class Russians

On the 16th of April 2008 in frames of team project, Laboratory “Market Management” of High school of marketing and business development (State University – High Economic School) and Fashion Industry Association presented the results of pilot research “Russian consumers’ perception of fashion clothes’ quality”.

Losing lingerie all around the world

Woman is traveling all around the world and leaves men's broken hearts behind, men who've become poorer… not only mentally. But like Cinderella running away from prince she leaves to every man some item of her lingerie "to remember": combinations, girdle, bra... After mourning for some time man hires detectives. Little by little he discovers he's not lonely. San-Francisco, Venice, Moscow, London, Paris, Osaka, Florence - every city has a twin soul. Gathering together accompanied by 2 detectives from "Man in Glasses", federal men's rights protecting agency, they are starting to look for her. Will they find her? We'll learn it in next series.

Universal clothes №2

"Knitted things is more then just a clothes. It's a kind of some dear substance creating pleasant tactile sense and a feeling of soft working recklessness. Lyudmila Norsoyan is designing knitted fragments for famous Russian designers' collections, creating seasonal industry collections, making things ordered for cinema and theater acts, developing concept Cusso line - clothes for intellectuals. Main accents for creative search: clear lines, laconic cut, experiments in materials and knitting technologies", - says the site of one of the most famous Russian designers of fashion-jersey Lyudmila Norsoyan who've kindly agreed to answer our questions.

Importance of the first layer

Russian buyer has got a very original stereotype of behavior against underwear for kids: clothes is bought in well-known brand shops while underwear is purchased very often accidentally. Children's garment is a spontaneous purchase made by "I saw it beautiful and bought" principal - in any shop or even market.

Luster and poverty of underwear industry

In the article "About underwear market, advertising and eternal problems" (publishing in "Fashion underwear" issue 30) I told my opinion about marketing and its modern level. Many thanks to readers, both agree and disagree with my position, who've sent me their replies. One of letters contained a request for underwear industry's place and modern state characteristics. I answered dear curious reader with pleasure and following her advice I've made my mind to acquaint a much wider auditory of magazine readers with this topic.

From Byelorussia with love

Successful lingerie 12-year-old company, Byelorussian underwear brand #1 in category of jersey underwear, SERGE has started active development of its own shop network in Russia.

Underwear in space technology level!

Fully-integrated knitting factory COMAZO producing functional and casual underwear is one of the most up-to-date textile enterprises in modern Russia.COMAZO Ltd. was originated in 1993 in Leningradsky region. It’s a part of German COMAZO GmbH group.

KRISTY is 20 years old!

Sewing factory KRISTY was founded in Moscow in 1988 as a small sewing cooperative, producing lingerie semi-finished products. Now it’s a big modern production association, one of Russian light industry leaders, the member of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In those years enterprise created its own network of retail-sale shops in Moscow and whole-sale distribution network all over Russia.

Jolidon’s jubilee

Jolidon is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. That is why the impressive festival was arranged in the homeland of Jolidon, in ancient city of Cluj-Napoka, in the heart of Central Europe. Partners, customers and friends of the company have come to Romania to congratulate Jolidon and to clue the secret of the company’s success.

How to minimize thief losses and increase shop’s profitability

Underwear joins the category of most stolen goods. According to market experts, theft losses average level estimated at a rate of 2-5% of shop’s turnover. In exact amounts, while the general value of underwear market is $3.5 billion, every year shop and boutiques owners lose about $120 millions because of thefts!

Fabrics for special brassiere and their features

Women after operation for breast cancer need brassiere giving opportunity to keep beauty and solve some problem of postoperative period. Ergonomics and esthetics of such goods are provided by their constructive features and modern fabrics, used for its production. Those materials make their wearing comfortable and essentially reduce possibility of various complications caused by changes of organism after surgical intervention.

Fresh Air for Aunty Lingerie

After the situation in Romania had changed and the country threw off the shackles of unsuccessful socialism, Gabriel Cirlig estimated the market and in 1993 started his lingerie business. He was sure he would gain triumph. And by now his brand has won its place next to the coryphaeus, leaders and trendsetters of the European underwear fashion. JOLIDON was build around a vision. Nothing else could have given the company the strength needed for its development”, – says Gabriel Cirlig.

Special brassiere: caprice or life necessity?

Among special corset items' consumers there's a separate group of women after breast cancer operation. Organism changes appearing as a result of surgery and complex medical treatment make them use special bras, prosthetic devices and concomitant rehabilitation goods every day. It's a pity, but such goods assortment on the markets of former CIS is very poor yet.

Beauty must be available

More then 12 years French company Coemi represents on the Russian market its refined models of night wear: delightful tops, combinations, shirts and trousers, getting fans all over Russia. Natural fabrics (silk, viscose, sateen, chiffon, cotton…), fashionable printings, classic fit, delightful decoration and irreproachable quality of sewing are a level higher then similar night wear collections of other companies. The secret of brand’s success is old us by the general director of the Russian representative of Coemi Mikhail Gornostayev.

The first interview

Since 6 till 10 of November 2007 the biggest even in the sphere of student and youngsters’ fashion took place in Saint Petersburg – XIII International contest of young designers “The Admiralty Spire”. 29 collections of young underwear designers were represented in several nominations: women underwear, men underwear, home wears, swim suits, sport underwear. The topic of the contest was “Adams family”. “Fashion underwear” magazine has marked the work of 4 young designers beyond the main winners and asked them some questions.

The Admiralty Spire

Since 6th till 10th of November 2007 the biggest event in the sphere of student and youngsters’ fashion took place in Saint Petersburg – XIII International contest of young designers “The Admiralty Spire”. The aim of the contest is to unite talented young designers from all over the world and to give them a chance to demonstrate their own individual sight of modern fashion tendencies to selected auditory, mass media and worldfamous couturier.

Most Recent Tendencies in the Russian Lingerie Market: Decline, Stagnation or Continuation of Growth?

Over the past four years, the Russian retail market value of lingerie, including day-underwear for men, women and children, nightwear, homewear, swimwear and brassieres, rose by an average annual rate of 42%, reaching a nominal value of US $ 2,963 bn. in 2006. This figure results from a market research study, executed by ITMM, the Stuttgart based German consultancy, specialising in mid-to-long term monitoring of the development of world clothing markets with a focus set on Russia.

We think about fashion when we create underwear

"Man's underwear should be bright, stylish and comfortable", - fairly considers Spanish company Udy that sees their target audience as strong and athletic men who are not subject to conformism. In fact the main thing is a comfort and not what others will think. So in autumn-winter collection 07/08 there is everything: a comfortable cut, graphic and flower prints, juicy colors, and, certainly, qualitative materials: coton, elastan, polyamide and tactel. And above all a positive tuning.

Movement commander

Every year a service for dead crew members of nuclear-powered submarine K-219 drowned on the 6th of October 1986 is made in Nikholo-Bogoyavlenskiy sea cathedral. Here, in "Marine Nikhola" as it's called in St.-Petersburg, this live monument of Chesma and Tsusima and of dozens of other Russian naval victories and tragedies, there's a memorial tablet bearing the names of 4 perished submariners. Crew members of K-219, relatives and friends gather near empty tombs on St.-Petersburg cemeteries on this day.