Van de Velde покупает Rigby & Peller

Бельгийский производитель нижнего белья Van de Velde приобрел большую долю британского люксового бренда нижнего белья Rigby & Peller.

Profmeeting Lingerie PROFit from every MEETING...!

Dear readers!

We continue to inform you about preparation of new professional event - profmeeting Lingerie.

For the last time we spoke about the profmeeting’s  idea, concept  and main purposes.

The organizers have made a hard work on first stage of event’s preparation and now we are glad to let you know that we got many different responses which mean that lingerie market has the positive reaction. We have met with a number of lingerie market players and collected manyl opinions and wishes all of which have been given to the organizers.

President comes in Russia

Who could think, that manufacture of man's socks can be transformed into The present art. And, nevertheless, it so. The "know-how" of these products Has so carried away the owner of one Greek factory, that he does not give up The thought about perfection of process of manufacturing, individuality.